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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 12, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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yeah. chase. so you can. good morning, america. we do have breaking news overnight. north korea fires back. their response after president trump's new warnings doubling down on his tough talk saying the u.s. military is ready if it launches missiles near guam. >> if anything happens to guam, there's going to be big, big trouble in north korea. and overnight, the president's remarkable phone call with the governor of guam. >> we are with you 1,000%. your tourism, you're gonna go up like tenfold. >> as that island braces for a missile strike. how they're preparing this morning. clash on campus. hundreds of white nationalists marched through the university of virginia. [ chanting ] their torches lighting up the night going head-to-head with counterprotesters. what they want and the big rally planned for today.
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swift ruling. taylor swift shaking off a major lawsuit. ♪ shake it off shake it off her big victory overnight in a case filed by a former deejay. the other woman in this photo leaked to tmz taking the stand. why the case isn't over yet. and we have a winner. one lucky ticket sold in a mega millions drawing. where they're celebrating this morning, but your champagne dreams aren't over yet. >> winner. >> the giant jackpot up for grabs tonight. and thank you for joining us, everybody, on this saturday. as you can see, dan has the morning off but we are so happy to have this one. >> whoo! >> yeah. >> honored to be here. the best team in news. >> the g-man. >> the g-man. >> thank you. it's your first time anchoring the show. >> it is. my maiden voyage. >> we are weigh excited for you.
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somebody is waking up a multimillionaire. we know it's not you because you are here. at least one person holds the winning ticket for the mega millions jackpot. >> the drawing just a few hours ago, and what we know so fars that the winning ticket was sold in illinois. here's a live look at the spot, nick's barbecue in palos heights, and no word yet on who is holding that ticket. now finally one is rolling in then the barbecue. lottery fever isn't over yet. there's still the powerball drawing up for grabs tonight. $356 million at stake. we're going to have more on that coming up. but we want to get to the heated tensions between the u.s. and north korea. >> north korea responded moments ago with its own stern warning after president trump said kim jong-un faces big trouble if guam is threatened. the president staying in touch with guam's governor placing a call to assure the island he is with them, quote, 1,000%. with them 1,000%. >> our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz kicks off our coverage this morning in seoul, south korea. martha, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. paula, the fiery back and forth
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between donald trump and the north korean leader is only intensifying with each promising the destruction of the other if threats become reality. just hours ago the first word from north korea since kim jong-un's regime announced plans to launch missiles into the waters off guam this morning saying if the trump administration does not want the american empire to meet its tragic doom, they had better talk and act properly. that statement clearly in response to president trump's string of warnings from his friday tweet saying the u.s. military is locked and loaded to his latest. >> if anything happens to guam, there's going to be big, big trouble in north korea. >> reporter: this morning the governor of guam releasing a video of a call he received from the president overnight. >> we are with you 1,000%. >> reporter: reassuring him of the white house's support even promising a tourism boon.
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>> i have to tell you, you have become extremely famous. all over the world they're talking about guam, and they're talking about you and i think your tourism -- you're going to go up tenfold with the expenditure of no money so i congratulate. >> reporter: still, guam's department of homeland security releasing these pamphlets telling residents how to prepare for an imminent missile threat urging american citizens there to not look at the flash or fireball of a possible nuclear blast. it can blind you. here in seoul, the threat is so close. just 35 miles to the border, a matter of minutes for a ballistic missile. you can actually get very close to north korea just driving outside of seoul. that's north korea just across that river. we can see apartment buildings, but if you look closer, you can see they're all empty. worldwide america's allies promise to rush to america's side. japan, south korea and australia all vowing to help. but a rebuke from german
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chancellor angela merkel saying i think an escalation in language is not the answer. >> well, i think maybe she's speaking for germany. let her speak for germany. >> reporter: but china, north korea's biggest trading partner, crucial to solving this crisis is making the same argument, urging restraint from both sides in a phone call between president trump and president xi late last night. paula, matt. >> thanks, martha, and martha will be reporting from south korea for us all weekend. we want to bring in retired marine colonel and abc news contributor steve ganyard joining us from washington. steve, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, paula. >> so we have seen this war of words the last few days. north korea releasing the statement the u.s. better act properly or promising the tragic doom of america. anything to indicate a true conflict is on the horizon? >> not seeing it, paula. so-called indicators and warnings looking at north korea to see if they're mobilizing, if ships were leaving ports and if people were coming out of the told to take up arms.
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we're not sighing that. it's pretty common in north korea right now and remember that communique that said they wouldn't launch missiles towards guam until after the plan was approved sometime in mid-august, so it seems like we have a little bit of a calm period here now. >> and north korea, steve, is threatening to hit the waters off of guam. now, if that missile or warhead strikes within 12 miles of the island, does that constitute an act of war, and does the north have enough precision to ensure that it doesn't actually strike inside that 12-mile area? >> that's the big bet, matt. if he decides to launch those missiles towards guam and they land inside of 12 nautical miles or on guam, that's an act of war, but if he goes offshore and demonstrates he can ring that island with those four missiles he will have demonstratedthur y xtnee and would be a very disturbing indication. >> and the president also made news about venezuela. there is a near civil war
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brewing there. take a listen to what he had to say. >> many options for venezuela including a possible military option, if necessary. >> so, steve, what do you think the president's play is here in venezuela? >> matt, i think he's only turning up the heat a bit on maduro. it's a civil war in venezuela. there is no place for the u.s. military, which side we would take. that said there's always plans in place for noncombatant evacuation of u.s. citizens and embassy personnel. that could be what he's referring to but certainly not a place where we'd want to get involved. >> all right. steve ganyard, thanks for your insight this morning, this saturday morning. and one more note, president trump is going to be wrapping up his working vacation from working vacation from bedminster, new injthere sefiy, renovations that kept him out of the west wing. spruced up floors, new carpets and new air-conditioning and heating system as well as new paint and an almost $3.5 million overhaul. trump is also holding what he
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calls a pretty big press conference on monday. so stay tuned to that. >> we be watching. tomorrow on "this week," george stephanopoulos will have had an exclusive interview with anthony scaramucci in his first interview since his whirlwind 11 days as white house communications director. that's right here on abc. >> looking forward to that a lot. >> it will be very interesting. now to the torch-bearing white nationalists clashing with counterprotesters on the campus of the university of virginia. >> things have turned violent. and officials are bracing for a weekend of demonstrations like this. abc's stephanie ramos is right there in charlottesville for us. good morning to you, stephanie. >> reporter: paula and matt, good morning. this is where that unite the right rally took place behind me. hundreds of people gathered on the university of virginia's campus chanting and some in the crowds breaking out into fights. overnight, a dramatic scene as white nationalists carrying torches -- [ chanting "blood and soil" ] >> reporter: -- and echoing
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chants flooded this major american college campus. [ chanting ] the images calling back to segregation era forms of intimidation. [ chanting "you will not replace us" ] >> reporter: several injured and one person arrested led away in handcuffs as hundreds of alt-right activists demonstrating at the university of virginia clashed with counterprotesters. police calling it an unlawful assembly dispersing the crowds after fights break out between the two sides. some protesters reportedly being hit in the face with pepper spray. many overnight condemning the event. the mayor of charlottesville calling it racist and intolerant writing, everyone has a right under the first amendment to express their opinion peaceably so here's mine. he said in a statement on facebook, i am beyond disgusted by this unsanctioned and despicable display of visual intimidation on a college campus.
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what we saw here last night was meant to tee up today's event, a rally to prevent the removal of a confederate statue. the governor says the national guard will be on standby just in case things get out of hand, paula, matt. back over to you. >> thanks very much, stephanie. >> very much and we'll be watching that evening tonight. but now we turn to one of the nfl's fastest rising stars suspended for six games without pay. >> yeah, after investigating ezekiel elliott for more than a year, and the claims that his ex-girlfriend made about domestic violence, the league made its move. so, what happens next? abc's janai norman is in dallas outside of cowboys stadium. hi there, janai. >> reporter: well, paula and matt, it is a tough morning for cowboys fans. one of the stars temporarily sidelined after the nfl's decision to suspend ezekiel elliott. >> elliott for the touchdown. >> reporter: this morning the dallas cowboys' record-setting running back benched. the nfl suspending ezekiel
7:11 am
elliott, a first round draft pick and one of the fastest rising stars in the nfl saying he violated the league's personal conduct policy after one woman accused him of physical violence. the nfl forcing the player known as zeke to sit out six regular season games without pay. >> the cowboys owner jerry jones did not expect any suspension. the nfl handed him a six-game suspension, which threatens to disrupt the dallas cowboys' season. >> reporter: the nfl making the call over multiple 2016 allegations by his then girlfriend tiffany thompson that elliott abused her saying he used physical force against ms. thompson resulting in her injury. those alleged injuries posted by thompson on instagram. elliott tweeting he's disappointed by the decision and disagrees with the league's findings that his attorney says are replete with factual inaccessories and erroneous conclusions. >> and ezekiel elliott rolling inside the 25.
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>> reporter: the 22-year-old star seen flexing and hurtling in this year's espn "body issue" now facing one of the longest domestic violence policies in nfl history. the nfl coming under fire in the past for not being strict enough for suspensions it leveled against other players accused of domestic violence. >> the league took a very hard-line stance here after not taking that type of stance where ray rice was involved, where josh brown was involved, where there have been other examples of domestic violence. the league was determined not to be embarrassed again. >> reporter: that decision from the nfl comes even though elliott was never arrested and prosecutors didn't file any charges. he is expected to appeal and while we're likely to see him in tonight's preseason game, that suspension would have him sidelined for the season's first regular season game here at home on september 10th. >> thank you very much, janai. he is expected to appeal. he has three days to file that appeal but this is the second year in a row where the biggest story going in the nfl season
7:13 am
was a suspension of one of its star players. we had tomearar b and now ezekiel elliott. >> it's worth noting, there are financial implications to this six-game suspension means he loses more more than $500,000. >> that's a lot of money. a lot of money. we want to move now and you have probably seen that disturbing video where a woman is shoved into a busy road by a jogger. and there is fallout this morning. rjtsz lawyers for the american investment banker say they can prove he was not the jogger involved. abc's jennifer eccleston has more from london. >> reporter: paula and matt, breaking developments. london police now confirming the american has been eliminated from the investigation after being questioned by police. it is the viral video showing a jogger appearing to push a woman into the road right in front of an oncoming bus on london's putney bridge back in may. again, watch as he runs towards the pedestrian in the opposite direction. she falls into the road. the bus swerving just missing
7:14 am
her. >> almost certainly could have ended in a fatality. >> reporter: tips poured in after the surveillance video was released and london police arrested a 41-year-old man but they wouldn't confirm his name or national at. police have since released this man. attorneys for american investment banker eric bellquist confirming their client was arrested and stressing from the begin the man in the gray shirt is not bellquist writing, he categorically denies being the individual concerned and has irrefutable proof that he was in the united states at the time of the incident. police are still appealing for witnesses to that terrifying assault on a central london bridge in may. amazingly the victim only suffering minor injuries. paula and matt, the investigation is ongoing. >> thank you very much, jennifer, and now to the great ron claiborne with the latest headlines. >> filling in -- >> keep going, man. keep going. g-man, welcome to the show. good morning to you.
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>> g-man? >> g-man, paula. adrienne and robert, good morning to you. we're going to begin in bedminster, new jersey, where president is and rex tillerson saying american diplomats in cuba were victims of health attacks causing hearing problems and that cuba is responding for finding out who is behind it. some employees at the american embassy in havana suffered unexplained hearing loss forcing some of them to return to the u.s. american officials say they believe some sort of sonic device was used. and a scary ride home for vice president mike pence last night as he made his way back to washington after spending the day in indianapolis in his home state of indiana. reporters traveling with the vice president said air force two, as it lifted off, there was a bright flash and a thud. a few minutes the flight crew told passengers that the plane had hit a bird and all was fine except for the bird, i imagine. in mississippi a manhunt under way for four dangerous inmates who escaped from a county jail. the four men were reported missing after a early routine
7:16 am
check early saturday morning. police say the inmates were accused of murder, rape, assault and burglary. no word yet on how they got out. and doctors in cleveland are calling a 4-year-old boy who was shot in the head during an apparent road rage incident last sunday incredibly lucky. he's already out and playing. >> great to hear. >> surgeons had to reconstruct the boy's skull after a bullet went through the front part of his brain. police say the 4-year-old was riding in his mother's car when she honked her horn to pass another car blocking the road, and someone in that vehicle allegedly opened fire. two people have been arrested. finally a driver pulled into a gas station to make a stop at the convenience store, but when her passenger got impatient, he decided to let her know it was time to b check this out. [ horn blowing ] >> yes. >> that's a dog? >> that is a dog incessantly honking the horn of a car only stopping when he, the dog, finally sees his owner coming
7:17 am
back. more remarkable, matt, the dog drove the car off and home. >> i bet we don't have video of that. >> inazam allegedly? >> must have been a dog day afternoon, i don't know. >> a dog day afternoon. the dog did not drive the car. >> the dog days of summer. >> hey, guys. he could learn. >> how are you doing, roberto? >> what up, g. >> it's the g-man. >> the g-man. >> we all have our nicknames for matt. >> i like the way he did it, what up, g. thanks to rob marciano. >> let's get down to key west where the streets are rough. check out this, the harbor here, a landspout developing quickly. would have been a waterspout if it was near the water. tore up the marina and scary times there. just a little bit of damage, nobody hurt and flash flood watch out for oklahoma, saturated ground there today. more rain coming along this frontal boundary that's kind of stalled. it happens this time of year but waves have just been going across the red river so four to five inches of rainfall on top of what they've already head so
7:18 am
flood threat there and we also have the severe weather with these storms rolling through this afternoon, not just there but also parts of north and south dakota and parts of nebraska too. hey, watching this investor, d will develop or 50% or 60% chance but the front hi, i'm frances dinglasan. we have a beautiful saturday in store for us. it's going to be cloudy at the coast. temperatures will stay in the 60s there. san francisco, 66. cloudier as you head to the coast and cool for outside lands, but comfortable in the east bay. oakland, 71. san jose, 82. warm locations will be in the low 90s. live range today, tomorrow, much
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getting it back in the capable hands of mg hammer. two years ago it was an ice storm and matt gutman was knocking down the ice and ever since he's been hammer time to me. >> hammer time. >> that's right. >> there's only one hammer and that's mc hammer. >> nah, mg hammer. >> i do wear those billowy pants sometime. >> thanks for that visual. got to post -- >> wipe that out of your mind. >> one thing you dent want to wipe out of your mind, getting rich. one down, one to go in this weekend's massive lottery powackjaat lt.east one winner in the 363 million mega millions drawing. >> the winning ticket was sold in palos heights, illinois. and while everyone is wondering who is holding that ticket, there's another huge prize up for grabs tonight and abc's adrienne bankert is here with more and a little birdie told me that somebody gave you a ticket out on the street. >> that's true. somebody did walk up to me and gave me a ticket. >> really? >> but like these one, they're losingment if you didn't live in illinois,
7:20 am
sorry, those tickets you have in your hand aren't going to work. ♪ money money money >> we're talking hot august nights. also lotto fever. the biggest prize in about a year and now one of those mega bundles of cashola off the table. this morning, the mega millions officially off the market. one lucky person winning the $393 million jackpot. >> the winners -- >> i played one ticket. and that's going to be the winner. >> winning ticket. >> reporter: those tickets definitely not the winners because the winning ticket was sold in illinois right here at nick's barbecue, 30 minutes outside of chicago. at least one lucky winner from the prairie state beating the odds of 1 in 258 million and matching all 6 numbers for the fifth highest prize in the game's history with a cash payout worth an estimated $247 million. cha-ching, but fear not, faithful players, there is still the powerball jackpot sitting at a whopping 356 million up for grabs. >> this is like a second option. >> reporter: the cash payout if
7:21 am
you win, a cool 224 million. some players are letting their superstition be their guide to possible riches. >> that's where i keep those tickets at up there. >> reporter: for those of you playing in office pools, let the three cs be your guide, commit to spending equally when buying tickets. clarify the rules of participation and lastly, just like with love and marriage, communicate with one another. good luck and play on. just like love. keep the communication open. all right. we've got a couple of powerball tickets here, which are still potential winners since they were purchased this morning. but tickets were drawn for that second place mega millions prize. i didn't know if you get five balls, right, you get a million bucks and there was a multiplication option, so someone was lucky enough to win 5 million. >> oh, good. >> last night so as we've been saying the drawing again up for grabs so -- ♪ check your numbers >> 365 tonight. >> it's a lot of money. that's a lot of shoes and tacos.
7:22 am
>> shoes and tacos, we know what adrienne would spend the money on. >> two of the basics -- >> you have to share the winnings. >> that's true. we'll keep you posted. >> just pass it on along over here, adrienne. thanks, adrienne. coming up, a judge tosses out the lawsuit against taylor swift before an ex-deejay's case could go before the jury. why he says the singer can't be held responsible for the deejay being fired after she claimed he groped her. two daredevils facing a suit of their own scaling the golden gate bridge. "good morning america" is brought to you by state farm. here to help life go right. ought to you by state farm. here to help life go right. ♪ while other insurance companies just see a truck, we see something you've worked really hard for... so why not give it the protection it deserves. ♪
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zblncht right now, a grass fire is threatening homes in napa county. the 114 acre grass fire that has forced evacweighs of people at least 50 horses, the re around afternoon.
7:28 am
that's on the west side. one firefighter has minor injuries. containment is up to 25%. thanks to some light b winds and cooler temperatures and speaking of those temperature, we're going to head over to frances dinglasan with a look at the forecast. >> during the next hour, temperatures will be in the 60s and the 50s. and lots of low clouds and drizzle, but by lunch, mostly sunny inland. warming up to the low 90s this afternoon. 70s
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♪ welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. happening right now firing back. north korea responding to president trump's new warning threatening tragic doom to america if the trump administration does not talk and act properly. meantime, the president staying in touch with guam's governor placing a call to him overnight to assure the island he is with them, quote, 1,000%. also right now, scrub news. crews in new hampshire are busy deep cleaning the operating rooms and emergency rooms at exeter hospital this morning after 19 staff members there fell ill causing patients and staff there to be evacuated. investigators still trying to figure out wexe t haoby letlacm. and back to baseball, ron,
7:31 am
looks like former new york yankee great derek jeter is coming out of retirement sort of. espn reporting that a group of investors that includes jeter are set to become the new owners of the miami marlins in a $1.2 billion deal and jeter set to be investing 25 million of his own money. >> okay, so 1.2 billion is what they're buying it for. >> for the marlins. >> the current owner bought it in 2002 for $258 million. >> what is that investment? a thousand percent? >> at math. ask him. he's a -- oh, you're a meteorologist. when the yankees play the marlins in the world series one day, a huge conundrum for jeter. >> that may be a while. speaking of a while, coming up the latest on the new han solo stand-alone movie which is coming out next year and ron howard, the director, sharing sneak peeks from the set. but first on this saturday morning, a judge dismissing a former deejay's lawsuit twens taylor swift saying there wasn't enough evidence against the superstar. >> but the case isn't over yet and abc's clayton sandell has
7:32 am
more on the he said/she said battle about alleged groping during a photo-op. ♪ shake it off >> reporter: this morning, taylor swift shaking off a major lawsuit. ♪ shake it off shake it off >> i couldn't be more proud to represent somebody like taylor swift. >> reporter: a federal judge throwing out a case filed by former radio deejay david mueller. so for team swift, big victory? >> huge victory. >> reporter: mueller allegedly grabbed swift's bare backside at this concert meet and greet in 2013, a moment she says was captured in this photo leaked to tmz. team swift complained and he was fired. mueller in turn sued taylor, her mother and her manager. >> i think in terms of the standard that the court has to look at, mueller's case was very weak. >> reporter: the judge is letting part of mueller's lawsuit against her mother and manager go forward. but so will the countersuit that swift filed accusing mueller of assault and battery.
7:33 am
>> she's been assertive and i think her fans and women all over this country are going to applaud her for standing her ground and for taking this case on. >> reporter: also friday mueller's ex-girlfriend shannon melcher testified she didn't see him do anything wrong. ryan kliesch was his longtime radio partner and friend. >> i believe he's innocent and i'm here to do everything i can to defend him. >> reporter: mueller has always claimed there was no inappropriate touching. monday closing arguments then a jury of two men and six women will decide. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> and our thanks to clayton sandell who's been following that all week. now for the weather and rob "rocky" marciano. >> that a way, baby. thanks, matt. let's go to what's happening with tropical storm franklin. this used to be hurricane
7:34 am
franklin traversing the mountains of mexico including mexico city and has re-formed in the pacific but that's about it. it won't be affecting the monsoon which did this yesterday in las vegas. 2/3 of an inch in a very short amount of time and flash flooding there and also 68-mile-an-hour winds in henderson down the road doing damage. look at that tree coming down. more in the way of monsoon moisture east of california. but southern california, beach temperatures, temperatures in the water in laguna beach in the 70s and santa monica getting to near 70 degrees. a little cooler up north. by the way, showers potentially seattle and portland trying to get some of that smoke out from all those wildfires but on the lag fea warnings. as a matter of fact, they have raised the level of readiness for fires across the u.s. to the highest level because of the dry lightning that's happening there. might have some lightn a sunny saturday except at the coast. so for all activities today, you can find sunny skies. san francisco, 66, partly cloudy there. 70s this report isugu ro b so l.
7:35 am
>> whoo. >> aagh. >> matt has got to be indoctrinated. >> nobody briefed me on the balls. >> beach balls. >> thank you. >> hey, take it easy on him. >> that was like a header. >> that was the moneymaker. >> but it was a little bit in the eye. >> we apologize on behalf of the beach ball. that wasn't fun. we're supposed to be tossing them gently and it's supposed to be fun. >> he's clearly going to have to rehearse that. >> what do we have coming up? >> coming up we have on "good morning america," those daredevils being told they got to pay up. they scaled the golden gate bridge. how this death-defying feat may cost them. >> that looks frightening, by the way. plus, director ron howard sharing a cryptic image during the filming of the new han solo film. >> that looks like my first car. >> that's your first car? >> yeah. >> you're a rock star then. that's with adrienne in "pop news." here, heads-up, adrienne. >> easy, easy, easy. oh, took the light. ht. easy, easy. oh, took the light. when you're clocking out.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. take a look at this video, the daredevils who scaled the golden gate bridge. >> if you're an acrophobe or have a fear of heights, you don't want to look at that. that going viral but the
7:40 am
thrill seekers are being hit with a big-time lawsuit and abc's marci gonzalez has more from our l.a. bureau. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning. they said they had no idea it happened until someone sent them a link to that video. they have not filed criminal had charges but are taking legal action. this morning the two daredevils who climbed nearly 750 feet to the top of the golden gate bridge undetected are in for a different kind of challenge. this time, in court. >> guys, we've just made it to the top. >> reporter: thomas rector and peter kurer known online as peter teatime recorded their dangerous escapade in april. >> it's beautiful up here. >> reporter: the video with more than 140,000 views showing them dangling, somersaulting and flipping high above traffic. >> we really didn't know like we were going to climb it, but once we got there, we were like, yeah, we're going to climb it. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge district suing them accusing them of trespassing and profiting off the video put on youtube and senselessly putting
7:41 am
the lives of themselves and others in serious jeopardy. >> the last thing we want is two young individuals flying out of wisconsin on the bridge and putting motorists at risk. >> they want to make sure people are recognizing that they just can't go about doing this without consequences. >> reporter: rector believes the lawsuit is giving them unwanted publicity. saying they are not in it for the money or fame. their stunt raising serious security concerns after other breaches across the country. in 2014 two german artists say they were able to go unnoticed scaling the brooklyn bridge swapping the american flags with these white flags and that year this teenager prosecuted after sneaking past guards making it to the top of one world trade center. and those cases prompting officials to make changes to security as they're doing at the golden gate bridge. now, we were unable to reach kurer for comment on the lawsuit but rector tells abc news they did meet with the head of bridge security to explain how they pulled it off and to help them improve security. paula and matt. paula and matt.
7:42 am
>> i think they certainly need to improve the security after seeing that video. thanks so much, marci. >> thanks, marci. coming up on "good morning america," so what would you do if you struck it rich with the lottery? expert advice from our own "shark tank's" barbara corcoran coming right ahead. >> there she is. >> tacos and beer, right, adrienne? >> tacos and beer, right, adrienne? as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache;
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7:44 am
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yeah. chase. so you can. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we are dreaming big in today's "weekend download." the giant mega millions and powerball jackpot totaling almost $750 million. so what would you do if you happen to win both? well, joining us is real estate mogul, business expert and "shark tank" investor barbara corcoran. >> nice to be here.
7:46 am
exciting. >> if you win both, you'd be richer than tiger woods. jay-z, the list goes on, but what is rule number one? >> rule number one is you must focus on not losing the money. that's rule number one. if you only spend the money that the principal generates, you'll be rich for life, but most people go out and buy the yacht and buy the plane and live the high life, and that's where they get in trouble. >> live off the principal. >> if you really think about it, on that $750,000, you net out $280,000, so you have $750,000 in income for the rest of your life if you don't touch the principal. >> wow. >> you could buy a lot of stuff with that. >> that's what the smart money would do, but you got to buy some real estate, right. you want to plunk that money down on a nice, fancy house, maybe a mansion. take a look at this one. it is the most expensive home right now on the u.s. market in the state of california going for $350 million. okay, if you have, you know, 375 or whatever, should you buy something like that? >> no, and lots of people
7:47 am
immediately buy the most expensive house in any market, and it's always a mistake. what you must do is buy a house smack in the middle of an expensive market because in good times and bad times, you always get your money back out, but buy that top of the line house, forget about it. you'll never make the money back. >> not the one with the 40-car garage as that one has. >> i guess if you're desperate to park your cars and you havev out, especially family, and look at you as the new benefactor. and the philanthropist. so how did you approach that because so many will come out of the woodwork looking for an handout. >> before i sold my business for $66 million, i was making $40,000 a year, and when i sold it, everybody had their hand out and everybody had a $10,000 problem that i was going to solve. the most important thing is you hire a buffer. you hire a sturdy, honest accountant so that every time somebody is hitting you for money, which is everybody you've ever met in your life, you simply say i'd love to invest, i'm a good guy, but you have to pass it through my accountant. that's the most important move.
7:48 am
>> a little bit of a reality check here. your chances of winning this lottery are 75 quadrillion in 1. >> don't be the debbie downer. >> that's 7-5 and then 15 zeros. >> we're dreaming big. okay, there's always a chance. >> you need a prayer on that one. >> sorry, i hate to be a downer. >> and jim carrey said, so you're saying there's a chance. we don't care about all those zeros. all right, it's always lovely -- >> my pleasure. >> if i win, put your hand out. >> my hand is coming right out. >> awesome. great to have you. coming up, there is a science to dunking your oreos. the sweet spot. when seconds count. that's ahead in "pop news" with adrienne. ♪ ♪ so many americans struggle with finances. state farm is here to help. giving us all the chance to simply sit down and learn. visit or talk to an agent.
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7:53 am
singing because that beat makes you want to dance or do a little jig. >> you love to dance. >> i like to have fun. get out of the seat so rob can sit in it. director ron howard sharing some hints about the director's chair directing the new han solo movie that's locked in secrecy but howard giving us some tantalizing glimpses sharing his short video on twitter captioning it "where old speeders go to die." okay, so if anybody was in that vehicle, they probably didn't fare too well. he also showed fans video of the crew rehearsing this crane shot. beautiful time there of day. that's at sundown. earlier this month it was this shot showing his exasperation with a droid. come on, ron. >> droids don't comply. they don't take orders. >> unions, you know, demands about craft services. they're so high maintenance but you know a lot of people are anticipating the han solo movie. >> that's next year. >> there's a whole slew of "star wars" movies coming out in the next couple of years. it's going to be very exciting. >> by our parent company. >> "star wars" lives whatever. well, let's talk about this.
7:54 am
what birth order are you? let's see. >> youngest. >> ron? >> second. >> middle. >> and i'm the oldest and this story is about older siblings but you have to confirm whether this is true or not because i'm a little biassed. older siblings may think they're wiser than their younger brothers and sisters but a new study from privilege car insurance says firstborns are not the best drivers. >> i knew it. >> after assessing the driving habits of almost 2,000 people, the study found the eldest child is most likely to break the ib ngs s leruare ndlibekely to speed. 47% cut people off and 46% hog the middle lane and 35% get fined so the best drivers are -- >> the youngest. >> always children. >> this doesn't make sense. you think only children -- >> only one on the ballot. >> how can you compare it? >> selfish and rude and the younger children are always better playing with other. >> you know, only children are around a lot more adults so i think maybe that's part of it. too. >> the oldest, i think the oldest sometimes feel they're above the law. >> but i always thought --
7:55 am
>> no! >> i'm the youngest -- >> i'm the youngest. >> elder siblings are responsible. >> i want to change the topic. since i can with "pop news." to milk and cookies. let me get a milk mustache. >> a milk mustache? are you getting a milk mustache? >> should we all? >> can't grow it. >> did you know exactly how long to dunk an oreo? turns out there is a science to it. >> i know because i asked you. >> you did. >> what does science say? >> my lips are too big -- but researchers at utah university splash lab found the perfect dunking time is exactly three seconds, so one, two, three. perfection. mm-mm. now they performed this study using 2% milk so the results may vary. the higher fat content of the milk, the slower it gets absorbed. you don't want to lose your cookie in the milk. it gets all mushy. >> i usually use whole milk. that's why i have to submerge it for -- >> what about half and half? >> mm-mm. >> you want heavy whipping cream. >> no, do it for three seconds
7:56 am
y'all. literally. >> without milk is just not right. >> it doesn't feel right. >> you know what else wouldn't feel right if gutman decided he didn't want to come back tomorrow. >> oh, my gosh. we're so glad to have you. cheers. >> g-man. >> you've toasted me with milk and cookies, how could i not come back? thank you. >> cheers. have a great saturday. we hope to see you tomorrow right here on "good morning america." see ya. >> it's hammer time. right here on "good morning america." >> it's hammer time. good morning, i'm kate larsen. it is getting harder for the avrnl person to buy a home in the bay area. the california association of realtors released a new report. it says home buyers need a minimum income of more than $179,000 to afford a median priced home. at the bare minimum, homes in
7:57 am
the more expensive counties are out of the question. the median price of a home in san francisco county is almost $1.5 million. only 12% of buyers can can afford that. 14% of buyers can afford a home in san matteo county, 17% in santa clara county. buyers making about $179,000 a year have a better shot of finding something in alameda county. happening today, thousands of women dressed rosy the rif tor will attempt the break a world record again. the historical park in richmond is hosting its third annual rosy rally. the group first broke the record in 2015 when more than 2,000 women wore red bandannas with blue shirts and pants and you can b join, too, just show up dressed by 11:00 this morning. >> ta looks lot of fun and you're keeping track of the weather. might be cool out in richmond, but sun is it going to come out?
7:58 am
>> it will. it will be b rosy for rosy the rivete riveters. all of them out there. right now, lots of fog and cloud cover. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, the next few hours, the clouds will pull back by lunchtime, we'll see some 80s in some areas and even 70s. and then this afternoon, warming up farther laiinland. but still cool at the coast. >> up next, hurricaneeeees pay tribute to a man gunned down inside his store and he serves his coup tri, but that didn't
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. it is augus 12th. i'm kate larsen. we're going start with a quick look at weather with frances dinglasan, in for lisa today. good morning. >> good morning. the fog has caused limited e visibility. santa rosa down to a fourth of mile and the low clouds are spill ng and the satellite image, but we'll get lots of sunshine later on. temperatures right now mainly in the 50s and 60s. 56 in san francisco. 67 in los gatos. brentwood,


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